Using industrial components and taking into consideration industries best practice we have developed truly autonomous video surveillance system.

Lithium-Ion battery
Mobile, wifi and GPS anthena
Optical or thermal sensors
All electronics


Image is being proccessed inside of STROPS AVS, thus data is not being sent to server which saves a lot of mobile traffic.


about our unique rapid deployment video surveillance system.

Battery operated - up to 144h

Ensure continuous recording for up to 6 days without an electricity supply.

Extremly fast installation - 5 min

No special tools or knowledge required for installation purpose.

Data processing inside of system

Save mobile traffic as raw data is not being sent to server for processing.

Self-charging capability if connected to electricity supply

Connect STROPS AVS to electricity supply and forget about battery exchange process.

Access system using mobile ready client portal

Connect system from any device and be sure about safety of your assets.

Transportation and maintenance made easy

Transport STROPS AVS on the back seat of your car and ensure maintenance with no extra tools.

Application range

Perfect solution for areas where is no electricity supply or in case surveilance is necessary for a limited period of time.



Stop illegal waste dumping, prevent damage to municipal property, stop illegal fishing and hunting, ensure safety of children playgrounds and eliminate temporary drug user spots with truly autonomous, battery powered video surveillance system and save municipal investments.


Constrution industry

At the early stage of construction sites usually there is no electricity supply, therefore you cannot be sure about safety of your assets. Our portable video surveillance system can help you protect expensive equipment - you will receive notification to your e-mail for any unauthorized activity.


We haven't convinced you yet? See what our clients and partners say about STROPS AVS.


The strength of Visuatech lies in always providing the best and most efficient solutions to our customers. Since Strops AVS is high quality, low maintenance, easy to install, and completely autonomous, it’s the perfect solution for mobile security. Because of its compact size and low weight, you can deploy it very fast almost anywhere. There is no need to first set up an infrastructure or to hire transport, you can just move it by car and, once it's in place, just attach the Strops AVS to a pole. That’s all!


ONE Telecom is a company that provides a full service to its customers so that they don't need to worry about anything. We chose STROPS AVS because their cameras can be used in severe weather conditions and can withstand snow, rain, sun, etc.


Mobile solution that significantly helps municipalities perform their functions by sending in a live video feed from locations where trouble might occur but it's not possible to install conventional video surveillance systems.